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Reference for accents of the English speaking world

I decided to do this web page after researching dialects, but disliked having to hunt everything down all over the place. I thought it might be beneficial to recreate some form of index of sound files that are connected to various accents and I include a web page for British accents and another for historical American accents so far. I hope to add other kinds of accents of the English language later on as well as adding to these I have little by little over time without getting too time consuming.

A dialect is a mini language of sorts that encompasses accent, vocabulary AND word order so an accent is just one component of a dialect. Most of this page is devoted to sound files and therefore, accents. Studying notes on dialect is very useful as well but I just feel that it’s easier to find countless sites about dialect and besides, we’d be here all day with links if you included that too. Links to sound files are a little more rare and I wanted to try to organize links for that.

For most of these files you will need one or more of the following three players and are all still free to download to the best of my knowledge. Some of the files are streaming audio and can be slow if you don’t have the bandwidth but many of these are very short and quick.

Apple's Quick Time
Real Player
Windows Media Player

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Last updated July 29, 2005